Welcome to Daily Harmony

Balance and harmony is important in all aspects of life. With the modern fast paced world, balance isn’t always easy to achieve. Stress and anxiety from juggling too many priorities and overworking contribute to a multitude of physical and mental health issues. Furthermore, many of us are so engaged with technology or trying to maintain a virtual social circle online, we have little time to physically socialise. We are working too hard to climb to the top of the career ladder, maintain perfect relationships, sculpt the ideal body and increase our material wealth.

The internet is flooded with information on how to achieve these extreme goals. Striving for these pinnacles can lead to imbalance, stress and unhappiness. Therefore, the aim of our site is to take a slightly different approach by providing information, tools and discussion on creating a better balance with the aim of improving physical and mental well being.

To develop this site we aim to draw information from various sources including: peoples experience, scientific data in addition to ancient wisdom and philosophies for achieving happiness and well-being.

Ancient wisdom for achieving harmony

Philosophies surrounding the pursuit of a balanced life to achieve happiness stretch back thousands of years. Aristotle described achieving virtue by “maintaining the mean”. Buddhism also teaches the “Middle Way” or the “Middle Path” between two extremes. We explore some of these values and concepts from different cultures on our Life Philosophy pages.

Life experience for balance and happiness

Our aim is to develop a community enabling an exchange of ideas. We share some of our life experiences and encourage our readers to join in the conversation. We explore ways to live a more balanced life, concepts for staying happy and tips for avoiding burn out and stress.

Latest scientific research on Wellbeing

We will include reference to the latest studies and research on various topics in our posts including:

  • Physical and mental health
  • Emotional and social intelligence
  • Impact of technology on our lives
  • Happiness and contentment
  • Relationships
  • Social interaction and community

We hope you enjoy our website and that it helps you achieve more balance and harmony. We are open to ideas for improving the content.