My journey to better mental health – part two

If at first you don’t succeed….. Well folks, it’s been over a year since I began my journey to improve my mental health, which to be honest, sputtered and fell at the first hurdle. I am now feeling much better and brimming with a renewed sense of hope. Hence, I thought it would be a useful to reflect on why it took so long to find my way back to mental wellbeing. Before launching in, it is important to acknowledge the complexity of mental health recovery, which is not an absolute destination. Rather it is a continual process of building

Should I go running today?

Musings on running from two different perspectives Cath Running is in my blood. Sure, there were days when I wasn’t so keen. Those were usually Sunday mornings when my Dad woke me up to get ready for competitive cross-country races. I can still remember the nerves and dread as I pulled on my Royal Blue games knickers (eek) and picked up my spikes bag. While I often resented those cross-country races, they lay the foundations for an active adulthood. Steve Running is not in my blood. Cath Following a hiatus during my teens, I returned to running with great enthusiasm.

Nominated for the Sunshine Award 2018

Sunshine Award 2018

We are very happy to say we have been nominated for the Sunshine Award 2018! A big thank you for the nomination from Kate Carter at If you haven’t done so already, please pop over and read her blog or follow her on twitter (@thetustingirl). Kate writes authoritatively about self-care and coaches others to improve their self-confidence. Being nominated doesn’t mean we can sit back and relax. Kate has presented us with eleven self-reflection questions which we have answered below and we had to find eleven nominees of our own which you will find at the bottom of the

Ambient Wellness – are your surroundings hugging or bugging you?

Ambient Wellness

What is Ambient Wellness? It is not a phrase you hear often, but Ambient Wellness was tipped by in 2016 to be a key topic for shaping the future of the health and wellbeing sector. Whilst the phrase may not yet have caught on, they were right. Whilst we often look inwardly to improve our mental health with meditation practice, diets and physical exercise, our surrounding environment can have a huge effect on us physically, mentally and emotionally. The word ambient means surrounding, encompassing or encircling. We often think of it in terms of background noise, temperature, light or

How Ecotherapy can improve our Mental Health


What is Ecotherapy? Ecotherapy (Green Therapy/Nature Therapy) is a method for increasing contact with our environment and the natural world. It is a name given to treatment programs which help improve wellbeing via activities incorporating exposure to nature. Some projects may not be advertised specifically as ecotherapy programs, but benefit can be drawn from any outdoor pursuit. Many of these activities can be undertaken at any time, either on your own or as part of a group for added social benefits. For example, one could join a rambling club, gardening society, or a conservation program. Specific ecotherapy treatments are available

My journey to better mental health

Better Mental Health

Why I need to improve my mental health Last year was rough. Don’t get me wrong: there were no great tragedies. I did, however, come very close to having a breakdown. My fragile mental state crept up on me throughout the year as I suffered a series of small mental injuries, most of which were work-related. Things came to a head in November when I crashed and burned at an interview for a prestigious job. I managed to limp through the remainder of the year welcoming an uncharacteristically long (for me) Christmas break. Over the festive break, Steve and I

How to Learn Faster with Micro Learning and other Techniques

Faster Learning

How to learn faster If you work full-time and have family responsibilities at home, it can be difficult to find time to learn anything new. There are the traditional methods of attending night school or open university style courses. These courses, however, can be time-consuming, taking a commitment of several hours a week and often rely on learning by repetition. Further education courses like these are often necessary for obtaining formal diplomas and qualifications but there are other ways to learn skills faster. Using a technique known as micro learning you can break down lessons into easier, bite sized chunks,

Moderation: taking a balanced approach to your physical and mental wellbeing


My brother-in-law was talking with friends when one of them said: “I haven’t felt well since 1985!” After chortling over this comment, I suddenly thought: “hang on, when was the last time I actually felt 100% well?” I realised that I hadn’t been living a balanced lifestyle for some time. We live in a world of extremes, where moderation can seem dull and boring. We seem to oscillate between strict discipline and overindulgence. In my early twenties, I was overweight and constantly on a diet. Some days were more successful than others. On those “unsuccessful days” I fell into the

The Lifestyle Entrepreneur – A Lesson in Work Life Balance

Lifestyle Entrepreneur

Today there are, perhaps, three types of entrepreneur: The traditional bricks and mortar business owners The online business owners who strive to be laptop millionaires Those who forgo chasing the big bucks and choose to do what they enjoy with a lifestyle orientated business. The second group has coined the phrase “Lifestyle Entrepreneur” i.e. those who seek a passive income online to free up their time, so they can spend it how they want. In reality, perhaps it is the third group who should be given this title. If you can do what you love, something that fills your life

How to be Happier in Life – The Little Book of Lykke Review


The Little Book of LYKKE – The Danish Search for the World’s Happiest People Meik Wiking, CEO of the Happiness Research Institute, Copenhagen Penguin Life Lykke or happiness goes hand in hand with wellbeing and in this excellent book based on Meik’s studies, he outlines six pillars of happiness: Togetherness – a sense of community and sharing, doing deeds that benefit everyone and not just oneself Money – Indicates wealth and happiness are linked. Questions whether having a lot of money really makes us happy Health – Why quality of life is so important and why countries with free health