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Welcome to the first step on our journey.

Like many people, we often re-evaluate our lives, especially during stressful periods at work or due to challenging personal circumstances. During these periods, we reflect on our current work life balance and levels of anxiety versus happiness.

Cath’s work involves research into mental health, giving her an understanding of how stress and anxiety can affect both mind and body. She also has a keen interest in mental wellness. As someone who has practised Martial arts for nearly twenty years I have studied how to remain centered and how the mind and body interact.

A common interest is financial security, or an ability to retire comfortably. How much do we spend now and how much do we save for old age? We set many goals revolving around increasing our income whilst working less. Perhaps creating passive income streams, which would allow us to reduce working hours or retire early and travel. We have both researched these extensively. Initially, our move to a calmer space has been made possible with the advent of home working. We also aim to gradually decrease how much we rely on large salaries.

We also share a love of nature and the natural world but don’t profess to be knowledgeable on key topics of how pollution, war and terrorism affect the earth’s delicate balance.

Daily Harmony was born from a mix of our respective ideas, knowledge and interests. Early on, writing about various wellbeing topics, as well as one or two life events, helped focus us enough to make the decision to create more harmony in our own lives. Like many we dreamed of leaving the rat race but it never seemed the right time. We never had enough money, were too young to “retire” etc. but we did set it as a goal, we wanted to aim for financial independence by the time Steve was 55. When this site was created this was about 8 years away but seemed like an achievable goal. We use the term financial independence rather than retire as the aim was to have flexibility and freedom i.e. just to be able to achieve more balance and harmony in our lives.

As well as taking steps to achieve financial freedom, we also sought to live in a more peaceful countryside setting with less traffic and with some land to live a more self-sufficient lifestyle. One of the first steps we took was to move to a “calmer space” in the country.

On this website we intend to share details of our own journey of escaping the rat race to live in a calmer, greener space as well as any topic related to bringing more balance and harmony to all areas of our lives including: physical, mental, financial, relationships, environmental and the all important work life balance.

Balance & HarmonyMaintaining balance takes discipline, there is rarely a quick solution to any of the above issues. Sure, there are fast detox and de-stress programs for the anxious, websites and schemes for those in debt or who want to give up work (we have tried many!). There are crash diets, fast track exercise programs, and there are radical ideas for improving the environment and eliminating extremist views. Often the answer is simpler: eat a little less or more healthily and exercise more regularly. Plant a tree for every tree taken from the rainforest, invest little, often and as early as possible.

Daily Harmony doesn’t set out to be the solution or cure-all. We simply aim to use it as a tool for enhancing our own self-development, by continuously improving our knowledge through the research for our articles. Another aim is for the site to be a source of knowledge and a resource for anyone looking to restore a little balance to their lives.

A final, perhaps loftier goal is to develop a community and create areas of discussion to feed into this resource.

We hope you will participate in our journey.

Steve and Cath.

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