Lagom | Just the right amount

Lagom is a Swedish concept of living sustainably or frugally. Translating as ‘just the right amount’ it means living a balanced lifestyle, not having too much of any one thing. Several sources indicate its history goes as far back as the Vikings. It was the concept of passing a drink round the table where you were expected only to take your share, not too much.

Lagomers promote looking after the environment by saving water and energy. Creating a culture of being modest and not taking too much. In everyday life, this may relate to how many hours we spend at work, how much we eat and how many times we go to the gym.

To an outsider the lagom philosophy may seem a little ‘Vanilla’ or mediocre, it goes against the seemingly greedy consumerism of many other countries. Why would we settle for a good quality 40inch TV when our neighbour has the latest 50inch model? Why drive round in a small car when we could have a gas guzzling tank for a vehicle?

Key concepts of Lagom:

  • Living a balanced lifestyle
  • Not taking more than required
  • Living sustainably

How to practise Lagom:

  • Eat a healthy balanced diet
  • Don’t spend more than you earn
  • Save a little, spend a little
  • Exercise regularly but not addictively
  • Don’t drink alcohol every day or too much at any one time
  • Recycle
  • Grow vegetables
  • Drive an environmentally friendly car

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