Life Philosophies

Many cultures have their own life philosophies and beliefs for maintaining a balanced, healthy and happy lifestyle. Even though they stem from a diverse range of countries, many key concepts for bringing more harmony into daily life are common. We will explore some of these core concepts on the following pages.

Almost any philosophy for living a life without stress involves being mindful of the present moment. It is great to have goals, but too much focus on striving for future targets can create self-inflicted pressure and anxiety. If we can balance our focus on goals and plans with time spent in the here and now, we can enjoy the journey as much as attaining our goals.

There is a degree of skepticism conveyed in some articles which suggest that some of these philosophies are “trendy” rather than guiding principles for a meaningful life. This is particularly true, for example, for Hygge, which has seemingly become a way of promoting the latest winter products. We do not promote any one philosophy as being the “true path” through life. We do, however, believe that we can draw a positive benefit from the values found within the various cultural beliefs.

There are several areas of wellbeing that we focus on in this website:

  1. Mental – reducing stress and anxiety
  2. Physical – staying fit and healthy
  3. Relationships – give and take
  4. Financial – balancing spend vs. save
  5. Environmental – surroundings/not taking too much

Some of the life and health philosophies discussed in the following pages relate to one or more of these key aspects. Hygge, for example promotes social togetherness. Others, such as Feng Shui offer positive benefits to mental wellbeing by helping create a positive energy around us. They give a good insight into modern and ancient wisdom for achieving balance and are a good place to start in the journey to achieving harmony.

Life Philosophy Links:

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