Roll with the Seasons – Enjoy every day of the year

Tips for enjoying Spring

If like me you hibernate in the winter months then you maybe missing out.

Do you:

  • Dread winter and get more depressed as the days get shorter and the weather gets colder?
  • Hibernate for half the year?
  • Look forward to Christmas and then have the pangs of regret in January as you review the bank statement?
  • Spend the rest of the year looking forward to your summer holiday?

Personally, I do all of the above and suffer from trying to fit all the good times into a few short months of the year then suffer from SAD during most of the colder, darker months. Recently I have tried to embrace each season and enjoy the unique qualities of each. Below are some ideas for getting the most out of the whole year:

This is the season many of us look forward to because the future is suddenly brighter. As the days start to draw out, buds start to appear on the trees and the birds return from their winter holiday. We start to feel much better in ourselves.

Tips for enjoying Spring:Tips for enjoying Spring

  • Go for a walk and notice the smell of new blossom in the air.
  • Plant some fruit and vegetables, or a tree
  • Sit awhile and watch nature at its busiest, building nests and starting families
  • Take the children to see new-born lambs (or Alpacas they are cuter) in the fields


Summer has memories of caravan holidays near the beach. It is oh so short (especially in the UK) so enjoy it, get outside as much as possible and soak up the sunlight. Pack up the car and head for the beach.

Tips for enjoying Summer:Tips for enjoying Summer

  • Make the most of this short but momentous season
  • Take advantage of the better weather and get outside…alot
  • Make a nice seating area in the garden to enjoy later evenings outside
  • Get away at weekends, go further afield and explore somewhere new
  • Go to the beach and take the kids rock pooling and swim in natural water
  • Connect with your community – Visit a local fete


I like Autumn even though it is the harbinger of darker, colder days. The mornings are often cold and crisp. For some reason I enjoy scraping the ice off the car. The leaves are turning beautiful shades of red and gold. Wildlife gets busy preparing for the winter, birds flocking together ready for the long trek south and the frantic squirrel burying food caches. Recently we have discovered the amazing variety of fungi prevalent at this time of year.

Tips for enjoying Autumn:Things to do in Autumn

  • Go to the woods and wonder at the vast array of colours of the leaves
  • Explore the vast array of fungi that appears this time of year
  • Have a party at Halloween, Thanksgiving or bonfire night and invite your friends
  • Carve pumpkins (and eat Squashes)
  • Collect pine cones
  • Marvel at the Geese flying south in formation


Winter I am not so keen on (except when it snows) but I try to embrace it. Sipping a pint, whilst thawing out in front of a log fire at the local pub after a long winter walk normally does the trick. Winter needn’t be the boring, dark season we all dread.

Tips for enjoying Winter:Tips for enjpying Winter

  • Do fun things and get outdoors whenever the weather allows
  • Go on a long winter walk (remember to take a hot flask of soup)
  • Bake and make jams (from all the fruit you planted in Spring)
  • Snuggle up in front of the fire and light some candles in the evenings (see post on Hygge)
  • Prepare early for Christmas if you celebrate it
  • Make homemade gifts instead of buying presents

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