Should I go running today?

Musings on running from two different perspectives Cath Running is in my blood. Sure, there were days when I wasn’t so keen. Those were usually Sunday mornings when my Dad woke me up to get ready for competitive cross-country races. I can still remember the nerves and dread as I pulled on my Royal Blue games knickers (eek) and picked up my spikes bag. While I often resented those cross-country races, they lay the foundations for an active adulthood. Steve Running is not in my blood. Cath Following a hiatus during my teens, I returned to running with great enthusiasm.

How to Learn Faster with Micro Learning and other Techniques

Faster Learning

How to learn faster If you work full-time and have family responsibilities at home, it can be difficult to find time to learn anything new. There are the traditional methods of attending night school or open university style courses. These courses, however, can be time-consuming, taking a commitment of several hours a week and often rely on learning by repetition. Further education courses like these are often necessary for obtaining formal diplomas and qualifications but there are other ways to learn skills faster. Using a technique known as micro learning you can break down lessons into easier, bite sized chunks,

Enhance your mood with a walk in the woods

Improve your mood with a walk in the woods

Nothing helps improve your mood more than getting outdoors and back to nature. From feeling the first hot rays of spring sunshine on your face, to breathing the crisp air of a Winter’s morning. Whether it’s a sea view, a mountain top vista or just the physical exercise; a walk can have many positive benefits and can restore some of the all important life balance. A walk can be as gentle or challenging as you want to make it. It may be a sponsored hike up the nearest mountain with a set time limit. It may be just taking the