About Us

Hello and welcome to our site.

We have known for a while that our lives lack balance. Like most people, we work five days a week, at least eight hours a day and get a short weekend to relax. It takes most of Saturday to unwind, and if we haven’t bitten each others heads off by then, we try to pack everything into Sunday with the usual “hurry sickness”. As a result our mental and physical wellbeing has suffered. Our moods are manic. We are either euphoric (Sunday morning), or depressed (most of the rest of the week). We find ourselves drinking more and exercising less. What we really need  is to become less reliant on our jobs and large salaries. We dream of moving to a rural area to restore the balance in our lives and embrace the wonders of nature and seasonal rhythms.

Our goals

Many dream of leaving the rat race. We have spent hours researching ways to work for ourselves, generate passive income and achieve financial independence. We have both had our own businesses, and Steve has written a book. One thing is clear: unless you are very lucky it takes as much, if not more, effort to make ends meet when you work for yourself. There are few shortcuts and you can end up working harder than you would in a regular 9 to 5 job. The bonus is for every bit of effort you put in, you are the one receiving the rewards rather than your boss or company owner. It also allows a level of flexibility. You can choose when to work and how much effort to put in, with no one looking over your shoulder.

We have not found a way to escape the matrix completely so we have changed focus a little. We have a plan to gradually create a calmer space and work in harmony with nature to become self sufficient whilst continuing to work for the time being.

Therefore, the posts you will find here relate to our quest to follow a more self sufficient lifestyle, while creating more social capital and a better work life balance. We may even explore a few side hustles on the way to help us become more financially independent.

This site was born out of our quest for this Shangri-la to find more balance and harmony. We don’t profess to have found the answer yet. We would still like our own business to enable financial security and more flexibility, but not one that takes up all hours of the day. Who knows, if this website takes off we may have found it :).

We aim to develop a community that can share ideas on these topics. Occasionally we may go off at a tangent and explore wider topics.


It is difficult to be an expert in balance and harmony (not sure there is a University course for this….yet!). Cathy, however, has a PhD in psychology, and a passion for improving mental health. Her research covers how mental disorders develop over time, and involve extremes of emotions, thoughts, and behaviours. I am an Operations Manager with a background in Project Management. My working life involves balancing costs, time and resources. We both have a passion for nature. Therefore, we have varied perspectives on the topics we write about, but hope our visitors will engage and share their wisdom and ideas too.

Cathy and Steve