Recommended Gardening Books

Gardening Books

When we moved to the countryside, we aimed to live a more sustainable lifestyle by growing as much of our own food as possible. We had a little experience of growing veg in the garden and a short spell renting an allotment. We had “dabbled” but we knew we needed to get more serious and learn fast in order to ensure a consistent supply of food throughout the year. To aid our research we have purchased many books on growing food. The list of recommended gardening books below are a selection of the ones we found the most useful:

In Organic Gardening – The natural no dig way Charles Dowding introduced us to the No Dig method of gardening. This is an efficient way to grow healthy vegetables by improving the soil and spending less effort. Learn to avoid using the more traditional method of digging. Charles recommends mulching to kill weeds where you intend to plant. This not only saves time and effort but also reduces new weed growth as soil disturbance is minimised.
We actually bought Brett’s second book in this series Maximizing Your Mini Farm: Self Sufficiency on 1/4 acre. The image link is to his first book which is a better place to start. We chose this book as it fitted with our small plot of less than half an acre. Brett’s books shows you how to optimise a small space to grow vegetables. He also gives hints and tips on storage and how to add value to your produce by turning it into wines, pickles and vinegars.  .



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