How Ecotherapy can improve our Mental Health


What is Ecotherapy? Ecotherapy (Green Therapy/Nature Therapy) is a method for increasing contact with our environment and the natural world. It is a name given to treatment programs which help improve wellbeing via activities incorporating exposure to nature. Some projects may not be advertised specifically as ecotherapy programs, but benefit can be drawn from any outdoor pursuit. Many of these activities can be undertaken at any time, either on your own or as part of a group for added social benefits. For example, one could join a rambling club, gardening society, or a conservation program. Specific ecotherapy treatments are available

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Roll with the Seasons – Enjoy every day of the year

Tips for enjoying Spring

If like me you hibernate in the winter months then you maybe missing out. Do you: Dread winter and get more depressed as the days get shorter and the weather gets colder? Hibernate for half the year? Look forward to Christmas and then have the pangs of regret in January as you review the bank statement? Spend the rest of the year looking forward to your summer holiday? Personally, I do all of the above and suffer from trying to fit all the good times into a few short months of the year then suffer from SAD during most of

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