Should I go running today?

Musings on running from two different perspectives Cath Running is in my blood. Sure, there were days when I wasn’t so keen. Those were usually Sunday mornings when my Dad woke me up to get ready for competitive cross-country races. I can still remember the nerves and dread as I pulled on my Royal Blue games knickers (eek) and picked up my spikes bag. While I often resented those cross-country races, they lay the foundations for an active adulthood. Steve Running is not in my blood. Cath Following a hiatus during my teens, I returned to running with great enthusiasm.

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Are you having trouble stepping away from your desk? Why not try a Fitbit?

Benefits of activity

I have always been active. In childhood, there were muddy cross-country races and long summer bike rides. Later came Jazzercise and Boxercise, which were fun and cheesy 1980’s creations. Throughout mid-adulthood, running brought me hours of pleasure whilst boosting my mood and confidence. I also had active occupations until a few years ago when I became a mental health researcher. My job is fascinating, but I am increasingly aware of a large downside. I am sitting for excessive periods of time, which I can’t counteract by the odd run or body combat class. And, I am not alone. A Government

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Improve physical wellbeing with Martial Arts

Martial Arts practice to improve harmony in life

There are a multitude of resources extolling the positive benefits of regular exercise. Going to the gym or playing a sport will improve your health and fitness. There are a huge variety of exercises and sports that could be discussed. Practising a Martial Art, however, is one form of exercise that offers a number of ways to improve the balance of your daily life in addition to just improving your fitness levels. As well as the obvious physical benefits and improved motion and flexibility, from personal experience of over 20 years studying various martial arts, I can attest to the

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