The Lifestyle Entrepreneur – A Lesson in Work Life Balance

Lifestyle Entrepreneur

Today there are, perhaps, three types of entrepreneur: The traditional bricks and mortar business owners The online business owners who strive to be laptop millionaires Those who forgo chasing the big bucks and choose to do what they enjoy with a lifestyle orientated business. The second group has coined the phrase “Lifestyle Entrepreneur” i.e. those who seek a passive income online to free up their time, so they can spend it how they want. In reality, perhaps it is the third group who should be given this title. If you can do what you love, something that fills your life

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Time Management Pt. III: How to improve your organisation skills

Improve your organisation skills

Photo: Stay organised by using a notebook If you want to improve your organisation skills, keeping track of your tasks and progress in a paper note book is still one of the best ways to organise your thoughts and any actions you pick up throughout the day. I carry one to every meeting at work and have one at home to jot things down when they pop in my head. It is useful to keep a shopping list open in the notebook and add things to it as I realise the jam has just run out in the fridge.

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Time Management Pt. II: Managing your workload to reduce stress

Manage your workload

Photo: Wood In the previous post we explored how writing a to do list can help organise your workload. In this article we will look at how to manage your workload so that it doesn’t seem insurmountable. What happens if you have written your To Do list and it’s too long? Perhaps you can’t fit all the tasks into the allocated time. How do we prevent this becoming a common occurrence? How do we cope if our job is consistently taking us more than the normal eight-hour work day to complete? The post focusses on time management at work,

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Time Management Pt. I: Use To Do lists to plan & improve work life balance

To Do Lists

Time management is a key skill for maintaining a balanced lifestyle. Lack of planning and rushing headlong into a large number of tasks is a sure-fire way to increase levels of stress. It is all too easy to believe that you don’t have “extra” time to spend planning if you are already overstretched. The fact is, however, a few minutes spent at the start of each day or week planning the best way to organise your time either in the home or the work place can have many positive effects. Not only does it help you use time more efficiently,

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